Fundraisers and parties


As a locally owned company we like to work with the community.   Sell our ice cream cakes with no risk to you.   We will make exactly what you sell doe there is not waste, not lost monies on unsold product.    Sell our ice cream cakes around the holiday season and make some great  money for your school or organization.  Where else can you but a pumpkin pie or Caramel Apple ice cream cake for Thanksgiving.   NO ONE ELSE MAKE THEM.      Call or email for additional details.



our pizza ice cream is also great for fundraiser                our pumpkin pie frosted and chocolate fudge


Portable for parties

Carousel has portable carts so we can bring the ice cream to you.   We do corporate events, weddings, pool parties, community block parties,  and anything else you can think of.




Events and Parties at our New Haven Location

Learn more about our part room at our New Haven Location